Coming in 2017 - The Kiosk Tour

As the winter sets in and it's too cold for busking on the streets - it's time to take it indoors...

Starting in January, Ginger will be going on tour - through the kiosks and bodegas of Hamburg!

Check back for dates, or follow on Facebook to see spontaneous street and kiosk performances.


Busking (Straßenmusik)

Playing music on the street is one of my passions. Since the very first time I took my acoustic guitar and went outside to sing, I've been hooked.

On a stage, an audience has come expecting to hear music. But out on the streets, those unexpected moments when the music connects with people - people on the move, in a hurry, on their way to party, stressed out, running errands, going about their day - when someone stops to listen, to appreciate, to give a thumbs up or a few coins - that's what keeps me going.

Whether alone or with fellow musicians, acoustic or with amplification, in good weather or bad ...

On the streets of Prague



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