Rock'n'Bar Bezistena (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) May 2018

Cotton Club (Hamburg) Jan 2018

The Bebop (Boston USA), June 2018

Jazzlokal Mampf, Frankfurt

St Pauli Kreativnacht 2014

St Pauli Kreativnacht 2017 at Fahrrad Cafe St Pauli

On electric guitar at Bar 227

Onstage in Darmstadt

Kreativnacht St. Pauli

Straßenmusik Hamburg

Onstage at Kamm Inn

Zwick Altona

CSD reception at the Hamburg Rathaus


Band projects - present and past



Melodic 4-chord pop punk - go to the stinkMaus website


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Reu Bruhn Combo

Go to the Reu Bruhn Combo website


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Ginger & Stefan: Acoustic duo

Whether busking on the streets of Hamburg or in the smoky clubs of Northern Germany, Ginger (acoustic guitar/vocals) and Stefan (cajon/percussion/vocals/kazoo) play a quirky mix of original compositions as well as English and German covers of pop songs. Follow us on Facebook (Ginger & Stefan: to find out about upcoming gigs and spontaneous street performances.

Now on YouTube: the original song "Accident of Geography"

as well our song "Rotisserie (Hähnchen Song)"

KreativNacht St. Pauli - Sept. 4, 2015

Shaufensterkonzert bei Cafe Kiezbohne (photos by Helmut Gröning)


Straßenmusik! Busking on the streets of Hamburg in the winter.

Onstage at Brückenstern and Kamm Inn

Onstage at Zwick Altona

Most photos by Daniel Steinke (except KreativNacht photos by Helmut Gröning; busking photos; and the Feldstraße Photo Booth)

Click here to see a video of our song "Safe Harbor" live at Brückenstern in Hamburg:



KreativNacht St. Pauli - Sept. 5, 2014

Performing solo at the Friedenskirche in St Pauli.

A 30-minute set of originals and covers, performed with vocals and acoustic guitar.


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Singer/songwriter performance - Live at the Hamburg Rathaus

CSD Reception - July 29, 2010

Große Festsaal

photos by Daniel Steinke




**selected past projects...**

No Babe (2007-2009)


Merve, Ginger, Carola, Gesa

At Motte (Altona)

Dec. 12, 2008